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"Once you eliminate the facts, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."
— Arthur Conan Doyle's cousin, twice removed.

Recent Additions

  • Memes [Added: 03 Jan 2018]
    As-if we're going to keep 'em, right?
    File Name: [ resolutions.psd]
    File Type: Adobe Photoshop Image (.psd)
    File Size: 1.78 MB (1,869,002 bytes)
    Size on Disk: 1.78 MB (1,871,872 bytes)
    Image Dimension: 580 × 387 pixels [8.056 × 5.375 inches]more
  • Photoshop Help [Added: 30 Dec 2017]
    Photoshop Help
    I own Photoshop CS2. Your version may vary. But most of this is useful across versions.
    In PS CS2, you can find most of this in the Help under:
    Help Topics > Work area > Tools
    In PS CS2 Help under:
    Help Topics > Work area > Tools > About tools and the toolboxmore
  • Read File [Added: 19 Dec 2017]
    Read File
    Yes. You can read a file. In JavaScript.
    I had a couple buttons at the bottom of a page you could click to get different topics, and I'd display the contents in a div (called "helptext") at the very bottom.

    function dynoHtml(x) {
    var oHelpTxt = document.getElementById('helptext');
    var sIncDir = './includes/';
    var sFileName;
    if ('about' == x) {
    sFileName = sIncDir + 'about.html';
    } else if ('help' == x){
    sFileName = sIncDir + 'help2.html';
    } …more
  • Vegas / Facebook [Added: 24 Nov 2017]
    Vegas / Facebook
    Vegas: 13.0 (Build 373) 64-bit
    Using a simple "joke" made of several still images and text, I was trying to reduce file size. Original size using Internet 1920x1080-30p was 36,563KB (~36MB). I've got it down to 7,430KB (7.4MB).
    1st Testmore
  • Layers [Added: 12 Nov 2017]
    Layer Masks
    Non-destructive editing. Good, quick tutorial:
  • Conform Text to a Surface [Added: 24 Oct 2017]
    Conform Text to a Surface
    Good tutorial on using displacement maps.
    * Open the background image
    * Click Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the Radius to 1 pixels.
    * Click Image > Adjustments > Desaturate to make it black and white.
  • Moraff Mahjongg / Time [Added: 27 Aug 2017]
    Moraff Mahjongg / Time
    Converting .Net Ticks to Epoch
    I've got Moraff's Mahjongg XIV International (sorry, but seriously, Roman numerals for a Chinese game?). There are numerous issues with their code, one of which is granting awards. So I figured-out what programming software and database they were using so I could fix their accounting issues!more
  • Die Gracefully [Added: 03 Jul 2017]
    Die Gracefully
    Had a situation where we needed to do useful things before dying when opening files, like send SMS text messages to people on call in the dead of night. Here's a possible solution.

    eval {
    open PAPERIN, "<", $sPaperIn or
    die "Can't open file $sPaperIn: $!";
    # "or die" triggers eval
    if ($@) {
    # do something useful before actually dying, here,
    # like send an SMS text message.

    print "We failed to open the file.\n";
    print "$@\n"; …more
  • 3D Text - Simple [Added: 28 Jan 2017]
    3D Text - Simple
    * Add text
    * Rasterize the text (make duplicate?)
    * Free Transform to add dimensional effect (optional)
    * Modify styles, e.g. Bevel-Emboss, gradient (optional)
    * Duplicate layer
    * If styles modified, remove the styles from duplicatemore
  • Rounded Borders [Added: 22 Jan 2017]
    Rounded Borders
    Making rounded corners on your image. Stolen and summarized from Photoshop Essentials tutorials.
    * Fill background (red so it's highly visible (it'll become transparent, later)).
    * Import image (new layer) and select layer.
    * Add Layer Mask.
    * Addmore
  • Photoshop Brushes [Added: 21 Jan 2017]
    Photoshop Brushes
    My be CS2-only. If you use something different, good luck!
    Direct download .zip file: 6 Border And Corner Brush

    Direct download .zip file: Flowers And Foliage Brush

    Direct download .zip file:more
  • Heart Rate Monitor App [Added: 14 Oct 2016]
    Heart Rate Monitor App
    I needed data for showing to my cardiologist. I found a free, ad-free Heart Rate Android app, SGT Heart Rate - Sport Gear + Wear, that works with my Polar H7 Bluetooth monitor. I ♥ love ♥ the app!!!
    One of the features is that it allows me to "share" results data. SGT sends the data as a CSV file. But, I have several problems with the file:more
  • OU Bobcats [Added: 13 Oct 2016]
    OU Bobcats
    My Alma Mater, the Ohio University Bobcats.
    Source: [Bobcats] (bobcats.rar / 367KB)more
  • Bengals [Added: 13 Oct 2016]
    An Ohio team, so I'm told! :)
    Source: [Bengals Blender file] (bengals.rar / 59KB)more
  • Perl [Added: 13 Oct 2016]
    Heart Rate Monitor App
    I needed data for showing to my cardiologist. I found a free, ad-free Heart Rate Android app, SGT Heart Rate - Sport Gear + Wear, that works with my Polar H7 Bluetooth monitor. I ♥ love ♥ the app!!!
    → Read more...more
  • XXXmas [Added: 13 Oct 2016]
    A little Christmas reminiscing... and probably not going to be your annual family yuletide big screen TV background video, but it does have a nice sing-a-long! Heads are gonna roll...more
  • Mitzi's Birthday Extravaganza, 2015 [Added: 13 Oct 2016]
    Mitzi's Birthday Extravaganza, 2015
    Using Blender 3D, and edited in Vegas Video, we came-up with this in celebration of my sister completing her 29th orbit of Sol.more
  • Mitzi's 69th Birthday [Added: 11 Oct 2016]
    Mitzi's 69th Birthday
    For Mitzi's 69th birthday, we did a short but crushing video that used Blender 3D animation to put things into perspective!more
  • Mitzi's 68th Birthday [Added: 11 Oct 2016]
    Mitzi's 68th Birthday
    This one was done using Blender 3D's animation and Blender 3D's NLE (Non-Linear Editor).more
  • About Bennett1 [Added: 10 Oct 2016]
    About Bennett1
    I'm now retired. No longer seeking work. So we make stuff up.
    Who knows, but perhaps some of my source code will turn-up in the future. A few things about e-cigarettes. My diet spread sheet for those battling Diabetes Type 2 (or just want to lose weight), Blender 3D, and other things that interest me.more
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