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"Once you eliminate the facts, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."
— Arthur Conan Doyle's cousin, twice removed.

Recent Additions

  • Darksky Weather [Added: 10 Jan 2019]
    Darksky Weather
    Get the weather. Sixty calls per minute free.
    Returns are in JSON. Simple Perl processing (1st '#!' for XAMPP, 2nd for real systems - edit to match your environment):

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;
    use LWP::Simple;
    use JSON;
    ### Locality ##
    my $sLatLong = '42.3601,-71.0589';
    ### Vars ###
    my $hpDecode;
    my $sResults;
    ### Darksky ###
    my $sDSkey = 'YourKeyGoesHere';
    my $sDSurl = "$sDSkey/$sLatLong";
    ### Work ###
  • # Gotcha Good [Added: 26 Dec 2018]
    # Gotcha Good
    With improvement comes "WTF happened to my [your favorite thing goes here]?!?!?"
    Somewhat useful Shortcut Keys Changed in 2.8x.
    * User Preferences are now located under Edit -> Preferences
    * Space bar (search menu) is now configurable under Edit -> Preferencesmore
  • Tips [Added: 20 Dec 2018]
    Holy crap! The new EEVEE (Extra Easy Virtual Environment Engine) rendered view is TITS!!! Even on my el-Cheap-o $1,500 Lenovo it works SMOOTH as all get out! Just ... SWEET!
    Making planets - about half of this is chatter, the other half he whiz's right past the really important stuff, but after I get a chance to re-edit it, it has some useful things in it:more
  • Tips [Added: 17 Dec 2018]
    *x Chromakey is possible using the Remove a Color in the Visual Effects.
    *x You can pan the Canvas by pressing-and-holding the Space Bar and dragging the Canvas with your mouse cursor.
    *x Ctrl+Home will move the playback head to the begining of the video timeline.more
  • Animation [Added: 17 Dec 2018]
    Video tutorialmore
  • Tips & Hints [Added: 23 Nov 2018]
    Tips & Hints
    Techsmith has some nice tips:
    Pexel free graphic assets (main page):
    Pexels free videos:
    Free and premium video / image / audio assets from Techsmith:
  • SnagIt [Added: 26 Oct 2018]
    SnagIT 2019 has at least 4 new skills. You can watch Techsmith's 15 minute intoductory video to learn what's new and important, or my 4 videos, hacked from their video, totaling a little over 6 minutes. Choose wisely.

    snagit photoshop graphicsmore
  • Convert Cycles to Blender Render [Added: 02 Oct 2018]
    Convert Cycles to Blender Render
    In the Python console, execute the following:

    import bpy
    for mat in
    mat.use_nodes = False

    OK! That was tough.more
  • Import / Export Types [Added: 12 Sep 2018]
    Import / Export Types
    As they appear in the menu File -> Import:
    .dae - Collada
    .abc - Alembic
    .3ds - 3D Studio
    .fbx - Autodesk FBX
    .bvh - Motion Capture
    .ply - Stanford
    .obj - Wavefront
    .x3d - X3D Extensible
    .wrl - X3D Extensiblemore
  • Transparent UV Shadow [Added: 06 Sep 2018]
    Transparent UV Shadow
    If you've UV-mapped a transparent image to a material, and no shadow is being cast, it's probably because the receiving object doesn't have Receive Transparent checked in the objects material (under the Shadow property)!

    A video demonstrating this issue:more
  • Lock Camera to View [Added: 31 Aug 2018]
    Lock Camera to View
    Because I'm old, and because I can't remember where I put my car keys or the "Lock Camera To View" option in Blender, I offer the following keepsake!more
  • # Resources [Added: 27 Aug 2018]
    # Resources
    Texture Haven: Free images.more
  • Shadeless Material [Added: 20 Aug 2018]
    Shadeless Material
    Easy in Blender Render. Not so much in Cycles.
    It's easier to just add the nodes manually rather than trying to use the graphical interface. Just do it!

    Using the nodes above, notice the shadows on the wall and picture frame (lower rail), but not on the "picture":more
  • Notes [Added: 12 Aug 2018]
    View to Object
    Your object isn't aligned with the Cartesian coordinates. You'd like to view it in Edit Mode straight-on, without changing the objects orientation. Press-and-hod the Shift key while pressing the normal viewing keys. For example pressingmore
  • Transparent Image Overlay [Added: 30 Jul 2018]
    Transparent Image Overlay
    Seems so simple, once you've hit the right combination, doesn't it?
    From left: 3D View (set to Rendered), the Nodes, the (1) Material:

    The overlay image:more
  • Performance Improvements - Cycles [Added: 02 Jun 2018]
    Performance Improvements - Cycles
    *x 01 Reduce the number of light bounces
    Render Panel -> Light Paths -> Max/Min
    Adopted: 3/3

    *x 02 Use Portals

    *x 03 Use GPU
    I change this, and just WOW what a difference!!!
    Settings in TWO places:more
  • Shadow Catcher [Added: 01 Jun 2018]
    Shadow Catcher
    I wanted to create transparent images I could use as layers in Photoshop. The text and/or objects needed to cast shadows without visible planes.
    * *ckb Add your text and/or objects.
    * *ckb Add your "shadow plane" to Blender.
  • Paste Into a Mask [Added: 24 May 2018]
    Paste Into a Mask
    So simple, it hurts.
    *ckb Create a mask on a layer
    *ckb Alt-Click on the mask to edit the mask
    *ckb Paste!
  • Simple Bump Map Texture [Added: 10 May 2018]
    Simple Bump Map Texture
    I ran a simple test using the same basic image on three panels, and three different techniques
    to apply a texture:
    * Texture only
    * Texture with a Bump Map
    * Texture using Multiply node (something I saw in the 1st Cycles tutorial I watched and I wanted a comparison).more
  • Flaming Text [Added: 26 Apr 2018]
    Flaming Text
    Our Results:

    Our PS2 Source:

    Should (he said) follow the video.
    - *ckb New Document (1280px x 720px @72dpi)
    * *ckb Background: Black
    - *ckb Enter text
    * *ckb Adjust size, color, font, etc.
    - *ckbmore
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