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Terrill's Website-Thingy

"Once you eliminate the facts, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."
— Arthur Conan Doyle's cousin, twice removed.

Here's the deal: this is just a place for me to stick some stuff so I don't lose it. I don't care if you find anything useful. If you do, awesome! If you don't, I don't give a fat raaaa… OK, mom told me I should be nice. I'll stop, here!

PS: I'm retired. I'm not looking for a job. Or work. Or friends. Or [insert your favorite thing, here].

Recent Additions

  • Komodo [Added: 28 Jun 2019]
    ActiveState Komodo Snippets backup:more
  • Font Selection Addon [Added: 02 May 2019]
    Font Selection Addon
    A totally awesome, fantastic, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, well it's DAMN good! [Wroks in 2.80 beta).
    * Download the zip from Github
    * In Blender Preferences, install (navigate to zip, select, install)
    * In Addon Preferences:more
  • Fonts - Not Showing [Added: 02 May 2019]
    Fonts - Not Showing
    I downloaded a few fonts (TrueType, .ttf). Opened two file Explorer processes as administrator. Copied (only choice) the TTF's to the Windows/Fonts directory, and when trying to use them in Blender, they don't show-up! I even tried turning off the "Filter" option (top of window).more
  • Metal Text (2.10.10) [Added: 17 Apr 2019]
    Metal Text (2.10.10)
    From: <>
    Notes so far (4/17/2019):

    No iWarp: use Warp Transform (W).
    -- Grow Area
    -- Strength: 98
    Had an issue after installing 2.10.10 (from 2.10.8): Select Inverse (Ctrl+I) selects the entire layer. Fix:
    Preferences: System, deselectmore
  • Pressed Text [Added: 14 Apr 2019]
    Pressed Text
    Good tutorial on making pressed text:
    Note: In Gimp 2.10.8-ish, you'll have to use the Dropped Shadow (Legacy).
    Using the basic technique, I created this during one of the Facebook outages:

    I used a map of the world as the background instead of a pattern. I also created the text, pennant, etc and then merged them as one layer before adding the inverted drop shadow. Since there's not much to play with, when he shrinks the selecti…more
  • Guides [Added: 13 Apr 2019]
    Didn't take long. No option in Gimp to always show guides. So, I stole some code, made it do what I want. Not pretty, 'cause I hate Lisp (and all it's children), but a man gotta do what a man gotta do!
    NOTE: It seems the scripts that are installed on Windows still have the *NIX line ending. I used gvim. Whatever you use, make sure you have the file type set to Unix.more
  • Bookmarks [Added: 06 Apr 2019]
    Free stuff!
    * [<> | Pixabay]] (Photos Illustrations Vectors Videos)
    * Pexels (video images)
    * Texture Haven (textures HDRI)more
  • Conform To Surface [Added: 06 Apr 2019]
    Conform To Surface
    Fairly decent video tutorial. The process is essentially the same as the Photoshop method, except you don't need to put your displacement map into another file. A few dialogues in Gimp 2.10.8 are very different than whatever he's using, but you'll suffer through the process just fine!more
  • Tips / Resources [Added: 04 Apr 2019]
    Tips / Resources
    Resynthesizer Plugin. Works like Photoshop content aware selector.
    * Download and extract
    * Move all files in root folder to Gimp plugins directory.
    * Move files from win32 or win64 to Gimp plugins directory
    * Does not work if you create a plugin folder for the files - dunno why.more
  • Metals Collection [Added: 09 Mar 2019]
    Metals Collection
    Note: the Blue Metal needs to be UV mapped, or it doesn't work well. Works in both 2.7* and 2.80 Beta.
    [ 11 Metals]

    [Metals Collection]more
  • Copy Animation Data [Added: 09 Mar 2019]
    Copy Animation Data
    § "We will encourage you to develop the three great virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris."
    – Larry Wall, 'Programming Perl' (1st edition)
    And because we learned to be intentionally lazy ... Quickly copy animation settings from one object to like objects.more
  • Wood Burn [Added: 14 Feb 2019]
    Wood Burn

    * *ckb New Document (@150dpi resolution)
    * *ckb Select default colors (press D key) (Black/White)
    * *ckb Add/position text to document: color = black
    * *ckb Choose your font (4YEOstamg from Google Fonts)
    * *ckbmore
  • Node Textures - Cycles [Added: 09 Feb 2019]
    Node Textures - Cycles
    Quick reference of nodes I've used. Images (Clockwise, L->R): 3D view, Rendered and Node Editor views
    Gradient w/Fac going to first Mix Shader
    Gradient w/Fac going to second Mix Shader
    [Gradient 2]
    Gradient w/Noise node added
    [Gradient 3]
    Gradient w/Magic Texture node addedmore
  • Transparent Image Overlay [Added: 09 Feb 2019]
    Transparent Image Overlay
    Seems so simple, once you've hit the right combination, doesn't it?
    From left: 3D View (set to Rendered), the Nodes, the (1) Material:

    The overlay image:more
  • Simple Bump Map Texture [Added: 09 Feb 2019]
    Simple Bump Map Texture
    I ran a simple test using the same basic image on three panels, and three different techniques
    to apply a texture:
    * Texture only
    * Texture with a Bump Map
    * Texture using Multiply node (something I saw in the 1st Cycles tutorial I watched and I wanted a comparison).more
  • Shadow Catcher [Added: 09 Feb 2019]
    Shadow Catcher
    I wanted to create transparent images I could use as layers in Photoshop. The text and/or objects needed to cast shadows without visible planes.
    * *ckb Add your text and/or objects.
    * *ckb Add your "shadow plane" to Blender.
  • Shadeless Material [Added: 09 Feb 2019]
    Shadeless Material
    Easy in Blender Render. Not so much in Cycles.
    It's easier to just add the nodes manually rather than trying to use the graphical interface. Just do it!

    Using the nodes above, notice the shadows on the wall and picture frame (lower rail), but not on the "picture":more
  • Performance Improvements - Cycles [Added: 09 Feb 2019]
    Performance Improvements - Cycles
    *x 01 Reduce the number of light bounces
    Render Panel -> Light Paths -> Max/Min
    Adopted: 3/3

    *x 02 Use Portals

    *x 03 Use GPU
    I change this, and just WOW what a difference!!!
    Settings in TWO places:more
  • Toon Simulator Node - Cycles [Added: 03 Feb 2019]
    Toon Simulator Node - Cycles
    A material that simulates Toon without all the Compositing.

    The Blender file (many of the nodes put into a Group to make color changes, etc, easier/faster):more
  • Darksky Weather [Added: 10 Jan 2019]
    Darksky Weather
    Get the weather. Sixty calls per minute free.
    Returns are in JSON. Simple Perl processing (1st '#!' for XAMPP, 2nd for real systems - edit to match your environment):

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;
    use LWP::Simple;
    use JSON;
    ### Locality ##
    my $sLatLong = '42.3601,-71.0589';
    ### Vars ###
    my $hpDecode;
    my $sResults;
    ### Darksky ###
    my $sDSkey = 'YourKeyGoesHere';
    my $sDSurl = "$sDSkey/$sLatLong";
    ### Work ###
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