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# Gotcha Good

With improvement comes "WTF happened to my [your favorite thing goes here]?!?!?"

Somewhat useful Shortcut Keys Changed in 2.8x.

  • User Preferences are now located under Edit → Preferences
  • Space bar (search menu) is now configurable under Edit → Preferences → Input → ►Preferences → Spacebar Action. Choose Search.
  • Ctrl+T no longer performs Track To Constraint. You'll find it in the Search menu under Make Track.
  • Shift-Z used to be "view in rendered mode" is now "wireframe/solid toggle".
    • Z used to be "wireframe/solid toggle" but is now "bring up a menu to choose between Render | Solid | LookDev | Wireframe.
  • Transparent | Sky used to be in the Render → Shading panel, is now under Render → Film.
  • Render presets have moved:
  • Next issue coming soon…


EEVEE: EEVEE. A new physically based realtime renderer. It works both as a renderer for final frames, and as the engine driving Blender’s realtime viewport for creating assets. Only uses the GPU to render (no plans to use the CPU in the future).

  • NO ANIMATION, YET!!! Stills only.
  • Missing shader nodes: Toon BSDF, Velvet BSDF, Principled Hair BSDF, Anisotropic BSDF, OSL, Sky Texture
  • No object instances (coming soon)
  • No light node trees (coming soon)
  • No panoramic camera
  • Other.

✦ Ambient Occlusion:

  • Cycles: World → Ambient Occlusion
  • EEVEE: Render → Ambient Occlusion

Viewport / Render Options

I thought (for a while) someone left something out of the build! Viewport and Render options totally disappeared, and I had no idea how to get them back. I quit downloading and using updates! Seems a developer thought cleaning-up the interface was a good thing.

The progression to get the controls back goes something like this:

Glass Half FlexiRig

In Blender 2.81, in the Sidebar Panel ("N"), the Misc tab sometimes doesn't appear. I found a suggestion to run the "" script. Turns out to be the script that adds the misc tab! Don't forget to select the Register option.

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