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Holy crap! The new EEVEE (Extra Easy Virtual Environment Engine) rendered view is TITS!!! Even on my el-Cheap-o $1,500 Lenovo it works SMOOTH as all get out! Just … SWEET!

Making planets - about half of this is chatter, the other half he whiz's right past the really important stuff, but after I get a chance to re-edit it, it has some useful things in it:
NOTE (2018.12.26): I've edited it. Went from 18:55 to 7:36. I added screen shots, text boxes, arrows to make it easy to figure out what (and how) he's doing.

Amazing how, when you haven't had to do something, you forget where it's at…

Render to Current Window - Full Screen: Menu Render → Display Mode → Full Screen

Splitting a window has changed a little: There used to be a diagonal three-bar area. It's gone. Now, move cursor to the furthest corner until the cursor turns to a plus sign, click and drag.


In 2.80, we can now show/hide the 3D cursor:

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