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 +====== Facebook 3D Images ======
 +Back in February 2018, Facebook began allowing [[https://​​blog/​post/​2018/​02/​20/​3d-posts-facebook/​ | 3D glTF 2.0]] images - and they were **//​head-over-heels//​** excited about it! And then, on June 12, 2019 they [[https://​​docs/​sharing/​3d-posts/​changelog | deprecated it]].
 +Not to worry, though... they still allow a shitty [[https://​​blog/​introducing-new-features-for-3d-photos-on-facebook/​ | 3D Photo]] substitute, and they'​re doing other [[https://​​blog/?​q=3d+photos | VR]] kinds-of things, too.
 +That said, you'll need a good tutorial on the various ways (from "​good"​ to "much better"​) of producing the nearly useless 3D photos. Try this tutorial - it's clear, easy, and well-explained:​ \\
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