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 +====== Node Textures - Cycles ======
 +Quick reference of nodes I've used. Images (Clockwise, L->R): 3D view, Rendered and Node Editor views
 +Gradient w/**Fac** going to first Mix Shader\\
 +Gradient w/**Fac** going to second Mix Shader\\
 +{{:​blender:​cycles:​gradient2_texture.png?​400|Gradient 2}}
 +Gradient w/Noise node added\\
 +{{:​blender:​cycles:​gradient3_texture.png?​400|Gradient 3}}
 +Gradient w/Magic Texture node added\\
 +{{:​blender:​cycles:​gradient4a_texture.png?​400|Gradient 4a}}
 +Gradient w/Magic Texture node added, and **Fac** going to 2 Mix Shaders\\
 +{{:​blender:​cycles:​gradient4b_texture.png?​400|Gradient 4b}}
 +Gradient w/Magic Texture node added, and triple **Fac**\\
 +{{:​blender:​cycles:​gradient4c_texture.png?​400|Gradient 4c}}
 +Straight Voronoi Texture\\
 +{{:​blender:​cycles:​voronoi_texture.png?​400|Voronoi Texture}}
 +Straight Wave Texture\\
 +Straight Wave Texture w/**Fac** to two Mix Shaders\\
 +{{:​blender:​cycles:​wave2_texture.png?​400|Wave Texture 2}}
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