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I have a relatively simple Blend: a couple Suzanne's and some text. I want to be able to render either just the normal image, or the depth map image.

In the Compositor, I've created two Render Groups: 1 to render the depth map ("Depth Map View Layer Render"), 1 to render the normal image (with background image) ("Normal View Layer Render").

What The Manual Says about the View Layer Panel: "Use for Rendering - The active view layer will be used during rendering."

What Actually Happens: Whichever "View Layer Group" I have selected in the Compositor gets rendered (OR if NEITHER group is currently selected, then the last selected group), regardless of which "View Layer" is active in the View Layer Panel.

Note: selecting the "Render Single Layer" option in the View Layer Properties panel has no effect on which group gets rendered.

The Blend file (works in both Blender 2.81 / 2.82a):

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