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Font Selection Addon

A totally awesome, fantastic, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, well it's DAMN good! [Wroks in 2.80 beta).

  • Download the zip from Github
  • In Blender Preferences, install (navigate to zip, select, install)
  • In Addon Preferences: add a directory
  • Use it.

Fonts - Not Showing

I downloaded a few fonts (TrueType, .ttf). Opened two file Explorer processes as administrator. Copied (only choice) the TTF's to the Windows/Fonts directory, and when trying to use them in Blender, they don't show-up! I even tried turning off the "Filter" option (top of window).


  • Open a cmd as admin
  • Change directory to "C:\Windows\fonts"
  • copy fonts from download directory.

Weird. Gotta love Windows, eh?

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