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Compositor Backdrop

To adjust the backdrop size, use:

  • V zooms out.
  • Alt + V zooms in.
  • Alt + MMB pans around.
  • Alt + Home fits backdrop to the available area

Z-Depth Map

Compositor Nodes:


Frame - Remove Node

Oddly, only one Render Layer node gets "Mist" added to it when you enabled Mist in the Passes panel. If that Render Layer node happens to be inside a Frame node, duplicate it, and remove the duplicate Render Layer node from the Frame.

Like "unparenting" two objects, press Alt+P

Frame Node Blender Docs


View to Object

Your object isn't aligned with the Cartesian coordinates. You'd like to view it in Edit Mode straight-on, without changing the objects orientation. Press-and-hod the Shift key while pressing the normal viewing keys. For example pressing Shift+Numpad1 will align the view to the object Y-Axis (front-to-back).

Track To


See "It is hard to see the "how to" in the context you describe, but here is an approach for rigging the eyes." for better answer.
When Animating the Eye with the “Track To” Constraint, the location of the mesh changes. How do I fix this?

Workspace Panel

Swtiching Workspace panels (e.g. Default, Shading, Compositing, Layout) use CTRL+PgUp and CTRL+PgDn

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