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 ====== Sports ====== ====== Sports ======
-Pick a sport, any sport - I don't really have a favorite teamI have deep liking for a fewstarting with Ohio State (football).+IntroText \\ 
 +<WRAP round box caution 40%>​{{pagehere}}</​WRAP>​ 
 +<WRAP 40%> 
 +**Search Sports...** 
 +{searchform ns=blender:​sports} 
 +===== Page Index ===== 
 +{{pagequery>​@.:​ *; 
 +   ​hidestart;​ 
 +   sort=a,title; 
 +   ​group;​ 
 +   ​display=title;​ 
 +   ​cols=2;​ 
-I have, on occasion, put together a Blender 3D "//​logo//"​ for several friends, and made custom desktop images for their use (free of charge). That said, keep in mind <wrap em>US Copyright laws</​wrap>​ when using anything I've uploaded, here. 
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