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Conform To Surface

Fairly decent video tutorial. The process is essentially the same as the Photoshop method, except you don't need to put your displacement map into another file. A few dialogues in Gimp 2.10.8 are very different than whatever he's using, but you'll suffer through the process just fine!

  • When adding the displacement to his spider, the dialog is very different in 2.10.8. I added the displacement map we made. (See image below)
  • Near the end he duplicated the original layer a third time, moved it to the top, etc. I was doing text on a towel, and found this unnecessary.
  • At the end, he uses GEGL operations to add a vignette - it's no longer there in (my copy of) 2.10.8 - instead I added a transparent layer at the top of the stack; press "/" to bring-up Gimp's search dialog, type "vignette" and select the plugin.

In Gimp 2.10.8, the Tools→Map→Displacement dialog is very different:
Displacement Dialog

My result with text on a towel:

Map on Face

My result:

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