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Metal Text (2.10.10)


Notes so far (4/17/2019):

No iWarp: use Warp Transform (W).
– Grow Area
– Strength: 98

Had an issue after installing 2.10.10 (from 2.10.8): Select Inverse (Ctrl+I) selects the entire layer. Fix:
Preferences: System, deselect Use OpenCL

  • Add and position text
    • Select text (Alpha to selection)
    • Filters → Render → Pattern → Checkerboard
      • Adjust to liking
    • Warp tool (W)
      • Warp Transform: "Grow"
      • Adjust size and strength to distort the middle slightly (I had to set mine to 90%)
        • This makes the center of text appear to be "closer" to viewer when done with the total effect
      • Drag pointer down center of each "leg" of each letter
    • Select → Shrink
      • This will give text appearence of letter "roundness"…
      • Adjust selection to just slightly inside of letters
      • Select → Feather
        • This will soften the edge of selection
      • Invert the selection (currently, the INSIDE is selected)
      • Add a new layer (to hold the shadow)
        • Insure the layer is transparent, and active
        • Using the Bucket fill (Shift+B), fill the selection with BLACK (or other color, as desired to match your specifications)
          • You should see the feathering going from dark on the outside of the letter, to transparent inside. Go back and adjust sizes, if necessary.
        • Right-click the TEXT layer, and choose Alpha to Selection
          • Invert (Ctrl+I) the selection
          • Make the shadow layer active
          • Clear (Ctrl+X)
          • Only the inward shadow over the letters should remain
      • Clear the selection (Shift+Ctrl+A)(or Slecet → None)
    • Merge the shadow layer (top) and Text layer:
      • Right-click top layer and choose Merge Down
    • Filters → Light and Shadow → Lighting Effects
      • Move the light (blue dot) near the center, and above, the Text
      • Select the Bump Map tab
        • Enable bump mapping
        • Select the Text layer in the Bumpmap Image drop-down
        • OK
    • Color → Colorize
      • Change the Hue (Lower) until golden brown (or color of your choice)
      • OK
    • Add a border around the text:
      • Right-click the Text layer and Alpha to Selection
      • Grow the selection a few pixels
      • Add a new transparent layer
      • Bucket fill the selection with BLACK 9or color of your choice)
      • Move the layer below the text layer in the Layers stack
      • Merge Down the Text and shadow layers
      • Clear the selection (Shift+Ctrl+A)
    • Select the Background layer
      • Filters → Render → Noise → Plasma (in 2.8 it was Filters → Render → Clouds → Plasma)
      • Colors → Desaturate → Desaturate
        • Mode = Luminance
        • OK
      • Filters → Light and Shaows → Lighting Effects
        • In Gimp 2.10.10: dismiss the Gimp messages
        • Material tab
          • Shiny: 0
          • OK
        • Bump Map tab
          • Enable bump map
          • Bumpmap image: background layer
        • OK
      • Colors → Colorize
        • Adjust Hue to desired color and click OK
    • Colors → Brightness-Contrast
      • Adjust until you're satisfied
      • OK
    • Select the Text layer
      • Filters → Lighting and Shadows → Drop Shadow (legacy)
      • Adjust until satisfied and click OK

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