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Pressed Text

Good tutorial on making pressed text:

Note: In Gimp 2.10.8-ish, you'll have to use the Dropped Shadow (Legacy).

Using the basic technique, I created this during one of the Facebook outages:

I used a map of the world as the background instead of a pattern. I also created the text, pennant, etc and then merged them as one layer before adding the inverted drop shadow. Since there's not much to play with, when he shrinks the selection, I went with 1 pixel instead of 3.

Add, size text
Size layer to image
Select outline (Alpha to selection)
Fill with pattern (optional)
Filter → Light and shadow → Drop Shadow (Legacy) → 4x4 x 90
Shrink selection
Fill with gray
Invert then add Drop Shadow (Legacy) → 12x12 x 90
Turn off selection
Fill background with patern
Merge layers
Add radial [gradient tool] (G) around image (FG to Transparent) and reverse
Filters → Light and Shadow → Lighting Effects: bump map
Add another radial gradient

Yet another example using basically the same technique:

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