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Tips / Resources


Resynthesizer Plugin. Works like Photoshop content aware selector.

  • Download and extract
  • Move all files in root folder to Gimp plugins directory.
  • Move files from win32 or win64 to Gimp plugins directory
  • Does not work if you create a plugin folder for the files - dunno why.

Pixabay royalty-free images.


Facebook 3D

Main Image
Add background and image Make shadow of image insert

  • Duplicate the image
  • Flip the image vertically (mirror)
  • Scale/distort and transform the copy
  • Desaturate
  • Colors→Levels make almost black
  • Filters-Blur-Gassian to make fuzzy

Save the image (.xfc) Save the image as "01.jpg"

3D Backgound Layer

Hide the main image and shadow New transparent layer (bg1)

  • Select the horizin (top half of image)
  • Bucket-Fill with black
  • Select→None

Create Another transparent layer (bg2)

  • Gradient tool
  • Select "Default" from gradient list
    • Shape: linear
    • From just above the bottom of the horizon layer, click-drag to fill bottom fading from black to white (downwards)
  • Reenable the tree and shadow
  • Adjust the tree:
    • Colors→Desatureate→Desaturate
    • Colors→Levels: make black
    • Colors→Brightness & Contrast: increase Brightness - make gray
  • Export As: 01_depth.jpg

Drag-and-drop BOTH images to a Facebook post. Facebook will recognize the PAIR as a 3D image, and convert automatically!


Inverse Failed

Selecting something and then pressing Ctrl+I (inverse) ended-up selection the entire layer. Fix: turn off Enable openCL in Edit→preferences→system

What layer?

If you have multiple layers, and you don't remember which layer a particular item in your image is on, click on the item using Alt+MMB and Gimp will select the layer AND show the layer name at the bottom!

Rotate Canvas

The canvas rotation mode can be activated with any currently selected tool. Just press Shift and start dragging the middle mouse button up or down.

Use the additional Ctrl modifier to rotate with 15° step.

To reset the rotation:

  • "View → Rotate → Reset to 0°"
  • Ctrl + Shift + dragging
  • Press the "!"


Add Node: Press Shift while editing a path, hover over the path, the cursor changes to a plus-sign. Click on the path to add a node.

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