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Rounded Borders

Making rounded corners on your image. Stolen and summarized from Photoshop Essentials tutorials.

  • Fill background (red so it's highly visible (it'll become transparent, later)).
  • Import image (new layer) and select layer.
  • Add Layer Mask.
  • Add Vector Mask.
  • Select Rounded Rectangle Tool (not to be confused with the Marquee Tools).
    • Select the Shape layers icon in tool options.
    • Set Radius (guesswork, trial and error, try 30 to start).
  • Select the Vector Mask thumbnail in the Layers Palette.
  • Drag out the shape.
    • Undo/Redo until happy.
    • If you need to reposition your shape as you're dragging, hold down your spacebar, then drag the shape into its new location. Release the spacebar when you're done and continue dragging out the shape.
    • Release your mouse button when you're happy with your shape, and instantly, your photo is "masked" to the shape thanks to the vector mask, and the corners of the photo are now rounded.
  • Optional Add a white stroke to create a photo border.
    • Click the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the Layers Palette.
    • Pick Stroke from the options that appear.
    • Adjust options.
  • Turn off the background to make it transparent, and save as .png (or other format that allows transparency).
  • Celebrate!
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