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 +====== Rounded Borders ======
 +Making rounded corners on your image. [[http://​​photo-effects/​rounded-corners/​|Stolen and summarized]] from Photoshop Essentials tutorials.
 +  * Fill background (red so it's highly visible (it'll become transparent,​ later)).
 +  * Import image (new layer) and select layer.
 +  * Add //Layer Mask//.
 +  * Add //Vector Mask//.
 +  * Select //Rounded Rectangle Tool// (not to be confused with the //Marquee Tools//).
 +    * Select the //Shape layers icon// in //tool options//.
 +    * Set //Radius// (guesswork, trial and error, try 30 to start).
 +  * Select the //Vector Mask// thumbnail in the //Layers Palette//.
 +  * Drag out the shape.
 +    * Undo/Redo until happy.
 +    * **If you need to reposition your shape as you're dragging**, hold down your <wrap hi>​**spacebar**</​wrap>,​ then drag the shape into its new location. Release the spacebar when you're done and continue dragging out the shape.
 +    * Release your mouse button when you're happy with your shape, and instantly, your photo is "​masked"​ to the shape thanks to the vector mask, and the corners of the photo are now rounded.
 +  * **Optional** Add a white stroke to create a photo border.
 +    * Click the //Layer Styles// icon at the bottom of the //Layers Palette//.
 +    * Pick //Stroke// from the options that appear.
 +    * Adjust options.
 +  * Turn off the //​background//​ to make it transparent,​ and save as .png (or other format that allows transparency).
 +  * Celebrate!
 +    ​
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