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About My Code

"Premature optimization is the root of all evil."
– Sir Charles Antony 'Tony' Richard Hoare (popularized by Donald Knuth)

"If you won't be able to understand it a year from now, or tomorrow, it's useless."
– Terrill Bennett

I taught 26 different programming languages for the Department of Defense for over ten years. I truly enjoyed teaching the C Programming language, and the Advanced C Programming classes. It was fun watching the student begin with easy to read, easy to understand code. And I could tell when each student bought their first copy of Dr. Dobb's C Programming Journal … the complexity of their expressions would go through the roof and into the Great Expanse beyond!

It was even funnier to watch when we got to the exercises that began with "Using the code you wrote [a week ago] in Exercise NNN, create a reusable function that …"

Those complex expressions required a lot of time to be rewritten, 'cause they had no idea what the expressions they wrote did! And when they'd ask me for help, my response was "I warned you on the very first day not to write complex code - that "easy" may not sell magazines, but it sure makes life simple when the time comes to make modifications. Good luck!" [I'm not heartless - if it looked like they had no hope, I'd eventually assist.]

To this day, I'm still about the only person I know that writes if (5 == a) {…} instead of if (a == 5) {…}. To me, the reason is obvious.

I hope you enjoy my code. It should be rather easy to follow.

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