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#Quick Reference

Because so many things aren't readily apparent, and Techsmith doesn't add them to the main menus, we need a mental assist!

✦ Online Camtasia Tutorials.

Save Frame As: Ctrl+F

Jump To:
Home/End: Ctrl+[Home | End]
Next/Previous Media: Ctrl+Alt+[ . | , ]
Next/Previous Marker: Ctrl+{ [ | ] }
Next/Previous Animation: [Alt+K | Shift+K]

Show Duration: Click-and-drag the playhead Selection Tabs to select, then click-and-hold the left mouse button on either tab to see how long the selection is.

Ripple Move:
Single Track: Hold Shift, then click and drag a clip on the timeline. All media following the media you click will move (verticle [track-to-track], or horizontal).
Multiple Tracks: Select the first media on each track you want to move, then Shift-Click-Drag to move all media following the media selected.

Time Compression: Right-Click the media, choose Add Clip Speed, Click-And-Drag the little watch to increase/decrease the clip speed.

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