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Chromakey is possible using the Remove a Color in the Visual Effects.
✦ You can pan the Canvas by pressing-and-holding the Space Bar and dragging the Canvas with your mouse cursor.
✦ Ctrl+Home will move the playback head to the begining of the video timeline.
✦ Ctrl+Alt+, and Ctrl+Alt+. will move you to the previous/next asset in the timeline.
✦ xxx


Currently, all text defaults to the Montserrat font - which is some dumb-ass programmers favorite font. Sorry, you can't change the default.

That said, you CAN create a new object, and add the object to a Library. I called my Library Fonts. Impressed? ►P There is a problem, though: creating a new Library is a bit involved … maybe.

If your Fonts Library doesn't exist, create it first under Library → Create Library, and then create/add your Font object.

Freeze Frame

Click the end of the video you want to extend, Alt-click and drag. You can also place the playhead where you want the frame to end, and Edit→Playhead→Extend Frame To Playhead.

Save Frame

Ctrl+F = Save Frame As

Selection Duration

Click-and-drag the playhead selection tabs to select, then click-and-hold the left mouse button on either tab to see how long the selection is.

Interesting Places

Need to look at file formats (xml, svg) to see if we can create our own. They look pretty standard.
C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Camtasia 2018\Media\Studio\Callouts

Transparent Video


Sample Command Lines

ffmpeg -start_number 0001 -i wheelroll%04d.png win.avi
ffmpeg -start_number 0001 -i wheelroll%04d.png -vcodec png win.avi
ffmpeg -start_number 0001 -i wheelroll%04d.png -vcodec ffvhuff win.avi
ffmpeg -start_number 0001 -i wheelroll%04d.png -vcodec huffyuv win.avi
ffmpeg -start_number 0001 -i wheelroll%04d.png -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f mov

Intermediate Guide

File types that currently support an Alpha (transparency) channel (of which I am familiar) are:
✦ F4V
✦ Quicktime

Blender 3D
Oddly, Blender has its own copy of FFMPEG, but has limited output options. I have not found a successful combination, yet.

Transparency Tests

Success w/FFmpeg

SUMMARY: I wanted to create a transparent video animation to include in a Camtasia video. I like open source software. I use Blender 3D for creating animations. Oddly, Blender has FFmpeg built into it, but it's limited in video output formats Blender can produce. With a bit of work, I've conquered - uh, solved the incompatibly issue. I offer a step-by-step guide for your enjoyment…

1. Downloaded a command line copy of FFmpeg (Windows 64 bit version) from:

2. Unzipped the files, rename the directory to "ffmpeg", and move the ffmpeg directory to:
C:\Program Files\

3. Open the Windows system "Control Panel" and search for "path." Edited the System PATH (or your User PATH) to include the new directory:
C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\bin

For testing, I created a simple animation in Blender 3D (a rolling tire and rim). I rendered the animation to a sequence of transparent PNG's using the following settings:
✦ Insure no background has been set (e.g. Compositing nodes, or in the World → World panel).
✦ Output Panel → Browse to correct directory, and set the filename.
✦ Output Panel → Format: PNG | RGBA
✦ Shading Panel → Alpha: Transparent
✦ Dimensions Panel → verify dimension, start/end frames, etc.
✦ Render Panel → click the Animation button.
✦ Blender generates sequential files in the format filenameNNNN.png where NNNN begins with 0001.

Open an MSDOS/cmd window:
✦ Press the Windows+R keys
✦ Type: cmd <ENTER>
✦ Change directory to the sequential files
✦ Enter the following command:
C:\your\seq\imgs> ffmpeg -start_number 0001 -i filename%04d.png -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f mov

The video ( can now be imported into Camtasia.


✦ FFmpeg / AVI / Codec:PNG / Shading:Transparent - Failed
✦ AVI Raw / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Failed
✦ FFmpeg / Quicktime / Codec:QT rle/QT Animation / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - When watching the video in Quicktime, the animation was there, but in Camtasia the animation doesn't show-up; the video in Camtasia is, however, transparent. Failed
✦ FFmpeg / Quicktime / Codec:HuffUV / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Ditto QT rle above Failed
✦ FFmpeg / Quicktime / Codec:FFmpeg video codec #1/ RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Ditto QT rle above Failed
✦ FFmpeg / Quicktime / Codec:PNG / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Ditto QT rle above Failed
✦ FFmpeg / DV / Codec:PNG / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - must be 720px, skipped Failed
✦ FFmpeg / Ogg / Codec:PNG / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Camtasia doesn't recognize codec(MOV) Failed
✦ FFmpeg / Matroska / Codec:PNG / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Camtasia doesn't recognize filetype (MKV) Failed
✦ FFmpeg / Flash / Codec:PNG / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Camtasia doesn't recognize filetype (FLV) Failed
✦ FFmpeg / MPEG-4 / Codec:PNG / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Failed
✦ FFmpeg / MPEG-2 / Codec:NA/ RGBA / Shading:Transparent - MPEG-2 not supported by Camtasia Failed
✦ FFmpeg / MPEG-4 / Codec:FFmpeg video codec #1 / RGBA / Shading:Transparent - Failed

Wish List

✦ After pressing Shift+M to add a marker, place cursor in the marker's name edit box, with "Marker N" selected [simply type the name, hit enter].
✦ After hitting <ENTER> when renaming a marker, remove focus from the edit box.
✦ FOR GOD'S SAKE: remember where I saved the last output!!!
–✦ Better: Defaults settings for input, output in the Project Settings
✦ Option to play selection as a loop
–✦ Buffer the loop as rendered video to increase accuracy
✦ Display duration of selection (currently have to mouse-click-and-hold begin/end tabs to see)
✦ Options for transitions e.g.: –✦ Barn Door ONLY does East-West; missing option for North-South
–✦ Fades don't have "Duration" property, require click-drag and may require zooming timeline to be accurate
✦ Accurate way to determine placement of pastes (currently a crap shoot as to where the media will land)
✦ Double-Clicking Annotations on the timeline edits the annotation text
–✦ Double-Clicking text in canvas almost always selects the media beneath the annotation

Resources / Tutorials

Interesting 3D text effect:

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