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Google Chrome. I kind-of hate it (many of the addons I love in Firefox either suck or don't exist). Kind-of love it (way-cool offline saving/editing of docs). It just depends on what we're talking about.

Desktop Shortcuts

You can easily create shortcuts on your Desktop, assign "speed keys" for opening, and I like the window that gets opened!

  1. Open Chrome
  2. In the Location bar, type
  3. Right-click a Google app (e.g. sheets)
  4. Choose Create shortcuts…
  5. Choose Desktop and Create
  6. Right-click the new Desktop shortcut, and choose Properties
    1. In the Target, change the stuff beginning with –app-id= to –app=[document website URL]
    2. Yes, we removed the -id from –app-id and that's not a typo
    3. In the Shortcut key do as you normally do to set a speed key (e.g. pressing "x" will result in Ctrl+Alt+X or you can modify it to use Shift+Ctrl or Shift+Alt plus a key)
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