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Windows Tree

Requires Linux Shell subsystem Installed in Windows 10!


  • Open File Explorer [a.k.a. Windows Explorer]
  • Shift-Right-Click on drive or folder you'd like a tree
  • Select: Open Linux Shell here

Linux Commands

  • tree –nolinks -H baseHREF >/mnt/e/tmp/tree.html

If you're not sure what drives have been mounted to your Linux Shell, use:

  • mount: with no options, shows mounted drives and their Linux path
  • Use ls to find a good place for output

Sample Output
The output will be HTML file. Open in your browser, and you'll get something like this [formatting removed]:

Directory Tree

├── Misc
│   ├── Kansas Wheat Harvest [720p].mp4
│   ├── Kansas Wheat Harvest [720p].mp4.sfk
│   └── agriculture.veg
└── People
    ├── BBQ's
    │   ├── Back TO School_ Annual Summer Cookout VOL 1 [360p].mp4
    │   └── Back TO School_ Annual Summer Cookout VOL 1 [360p].tscproj
    ├── Eisenhower,DwightD
    │   └── Eisenhower [720p].mp4
    └── Haircut
        └── $1,000 Wig Gets a New Modern Cut and Color! [720p].mp4

5 directories, 7 files 
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