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I always hated find because I used it so rarely. Odd that it's one of the main reasons I finally installed Ubuntu on Windows!!! When you need it, nothing else works quite as well.

Man page for find(1)

Recurse and Remove

Find file stuff:

find -type f -name *.blend1
# results go here, and we're happy campers.
# find 'em again, remove 'em but asking us chickens for confirmation on each (rm -i)
find -type f -name *.blend1 -exec rm -i {} \;

Yes, we could have used the -delete option for find, but -delete doesn't work on directories and rm would, if we ever needed to do so. So let's do it the hard way for when that time comes we need to do more!

Directories & Permission Denied

Find directories beginning with "flexi" while ignoring case, and get rid of "Permission Denied" warnings (and all other) error messages:

find -type d -iname Flexi* 2>/dev/null
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