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Eclipse 2017

Date: 2017-08-21
Location: Hopkinsville, KY

Declination, Magnetic

If you're going to use a compass to set-up your telescope, you'll possibly want to know the declination if you're going to use the True North method, no?

NOAA Magnetic Field Calculators
Hopkinsville, KY
Date: 2017-08-21
Model Used: WMM2015
Latitude: 36° 52' 1" N
Longitude: 87° 28' 34" W
Declination: 3° 20' W ± 0° 21'
Changing by: 0° 5' W per year


Route To City Park, Baker Hill 200 Baker Hill Road Princeton KY

Interactive Google map that begins near Hopkinsville, TN - but you can scroll and resize for any part of the country.

Route from hotel to Princeton, KY (Walmart Super Store)

Route from hotel to Hopkinsville

Dunbar State Park, Clarksville, TN.

Sweet Spot

Sweet spot Sweet spot West of Hopkinsville.

Length of Totallity

Hopkinsville Hopkinsville length of totality.


Hopkinsville Hopkinsville declination on August 21, 2017.

Link to NASA Declination calculator.


Our House (local HD)


Predicting Eclipses

Bookmarks, Firefox


Eclispse 8.21.17


Autostar Supplementary Software Downloads
#497 Autostar
meade AutoStar tutorial - Google Search
Using Autostar Meade ETX90 Telescope Mighty Mite In A Small Portable Package - YouTube
For a newbie to figure out Autostar can be abit intimidating at first, but once you know what buttons to push its actually automatic. Get to know your scope ...
Meade Instruments Corporation - ETX-90EC and Autostar Frequently Asked Questions
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NCEI Geomagnetic Calculators
FILES, Hard Drive
Star Guide: The joy and wonder of a total eclipse of the sun

LXPS 7 Power
2017 Full Solar Eclipse – Visit Hopkinsville – Christian County
Owensboro, Kentucky to Hopkinsville, Kentucky - Google Maps
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Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Hopkinsville, KY
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