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 +====== Ablaut Reduplication ======
 +"//If there are three words then the order has to go I, A, O. If there are two words then the first is I and the second is either A or O.//" \\
 +*x ding, dang, dong\\
 +*x Hip hop\\
 +*x Chit chat\\
 +*x Flip flop.
 +When using multiple words to describe an object, native English speakers naturally list the adjectives in this order: \\
 +1. Opinion \\
 +2. Size \\
 +3. Age \\
 +4. Shape \\
 +5. Color \\
 +6. Origin \\
 +7. Material \\
 +8. Purpose
 +*x lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife\\
 +*x awesome (1), old (3), red (5) convertible\\
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