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Smart TV's and Streaming

A work in progress. Just got two mart TV's yesterday. Registered on Hulu, we've had Netflix via Dish for 2 years… and now we have Netflix on the TV's.

LG UK6090PUA 4K Smart TV

"Smart" is a relative thing.

List of apps supported by this TV "if it ain't here, it ain't supported®!":

Bestbuy Q&A:

Notes for future reference/review

  • The fXXking remote control (AKB75375604) absolutely SUCKS for streaming services.
    • The remote is built upside down:
      • The keys you don't use for streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc) are the largest buttons on the remote, and conveniently located on the upper half of the control, easily accessible with one hand.
      • The keys you do use have been miniaturized, placed on on the bottom of the remote, and nearly impossible to differentiate in the dark, and damn-sure impossible with your eyes closed - unless you're one of the roughly 10% of blind people who know Braille, and they may be skilled enough - I don't know.
    • There are two buttons labeled "Netflix" and "Amazon" on the control.
      • In the brief manual, they are identified with the numerals "1" and "2."
      • The manual says "Stream Service Buttons Connects to the Video Streaming Service."
        • No shit, Dick Tracey! Are they programmable? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?
    • A search for the remote on LG's website yields absolutely nothing. Period. Zip. Zilch. Nada. It's like the remote doesn't exist.
  • The TV is nice.
    • Need to get a Digital Optical Audio cable to hook it up to the Bose - we'll get back to you! In my 45 years dwelling in the land of "Audiophila," I've never owned one!

Blackweb 6-Device Universal Remote

The remote control is large, has the streaming app keys placed comfortably in the middle section of the controller. Oh, and most of the important keys are backlit when you press any key (e.g. "volume"). Unfortunately: the usual VCR-keys (fast forward, fast reverse, and pause key) aren't. Fortunately: the pause key is in the very center, directly below the Mute, *, and previous channel keys, and in the second row of VCR keys. Easy to memorize, and find in the dark.

The remote comes with an insert containing codes, which I used. That said, you can also get codes on their web site:

You'll need the remotes' PCL code found on a sticker inside the battery compartment. Our remote is a PCL1.

LG 43UK0690PUA TV code: It was the first number in the list, 3534 (as it happens, using their web site, it's also listed first).

We have an old Bose 3-2-1 DVD/CD, Radio, Cable/TV audio system. Programming the remote occured two days ago. I'm reasonably certain the code was 0672 - also the first code in the list under "Audio Receiver/Devices."

Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Again, Walmart. Bought a ClearStream 2MAX UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna on sale for $54.95:

It's cold outside. You're freakin' crazy if you think I'm going to wire this bitch up in the cold. So I found where I get signal and the antenna fits that's above the TV, built a temporary wooden "table" that sits atop the TV stand/TV, and set it up. From a distance of 40 miles from the two towers that bring use the channels we want, we're pulling between 50 and 60 db on 14 channels (3 stations with subchannels).

You can find your local tower locations directly from the FCC, here:

To find the frequency for you station(s), click on the station link to expand the information on that station, AND see where the tower is located in relation to your location:



Digital Channels

WCMH/4: RF Channel: 14 (73dbu): 232°
WBNS/10: RF Channel: 21 (73db): 232°

WSYX6/: RF Channel: 48 (70db): 228°
WTTE/28: RF Channel: 36 (70db): 228°

WOSU/34: RF Channel: 38 (98 dbu): 251°

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