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When I bought my laptop, I deliberately bought one without Bluetooth; it wasn't something I wanted, or needed, or saw in my future. Fast forward … 5 years later, I now have my 1st Smartphone (in January 2017 I replaced my old LG EnV CDMA which finally died), and in April 2017 I bought a Windows tablet.

  1. Create a Shortcut on your Desktop (or any folder)
  2. Copy/paste the URI from the list below, available from Microsoft. In this case, for my Desktop and Bluetooth, we'd use ms-settings:bluetooth and click next.
  3. Add a name. Thinking outside the box, I named it Bluetooth and click done.
  4. Congratulations! Double-clicking the new shortcut will launch your Bluetooth settings.


  • Desktop: ms-settings:bluetooth
  • Mobile: ms-settings-bluetooth:
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