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Windows Explorer

The file manager, not to be confused with Internet Explorer. And in an ironic twist, to help reduce confusion, Microsoft decided to change the name of Windows Explorer to File Explorer, 'cause you know, Microsoft likes to make things better before they make things harder.

Microsoft has improved Windows 10 by making it more difficult to narrow things down to what you're looking for. So we have some syntax to learn…

Run As Administrator

  1. Open Start menu
  2. Type explorer.exe
  3. Right-Click, open directory (c:\windows)
  4. Right-click explorer.exe and pin to Start
  5. In Start menu:
    1. Right-click Explorer
    2. Run-as admin

Now that Explorer is in Start, you can run as admin, anytime.

Search Parameters

In the search box

Search by date stuff:

  • datemodified:2/1/2016 .. 2/20/2016
  • "*.jpg" datemodified:this week
  • datecreated:2/1/2016

More details:


Windows Explorer is limited in renaming multiple files, but there are two tricks that may keep you from pulling all your hair out…

Rename Multiple

You can give multiple files the same name, and windows will append a sequence number.

  • Select all the files you'd like to rename
  • Press F2, or right-click one file an choose Rename
  • Enter the file prefix, and hit <ENTER>

Multiple, Individually

  • Select the first file, and press F2 or right-click→Rename
  • Rename the file
  • Press TAB
  • Rename the second file
  • Repeat TAB to continue, or <ENTER> to finalize

Map/Unmap Network Drive

Mapping and unmapping network drives begin with Windows File Explorer.

Map Network Drive

  1. Click the Computer tab
  2. Click Map network drive
  3. Set the drive letter (e.g. Z:)
  4. Add the route to the drive (e.g. \\readyshare\USB_Storage)
  5. Decide to connect, or not, with reboot
  6. Click Finish


  1. Right-click the mapped network drive
  2. Choose Disconnect
  3. Refresh (if it doesn't disappear) by pressing function key F5
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