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 ===== Run As Administrator ===== ===== Run As Administrator =====
 +In Windows Explorer:\\
 +*x Ctrl+Shift+Right-Click\\
 +*x Run as Administrator
   - Open //Start// menu   - Open //Start// menu
   - Type **explorer.exe**   - Type **explorer.exe**
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 ===== Search Parameters ===== ===== Search Parameters =====
 +<WRAP round box caution>
 +**//To Save Search Results//:​** \\
 +*x Click any file in the results \\
 +*x //Ctrl+A// to Select All\\
 +*x //​Shift+RightClick//​\\
 +*x Choose: //Copy As Path// \\
 +*x Paste in text document or spread sheet.
 In the {{:​wiki:​windows:​searchbox.jpg|search box}}... In the {{:​wiki:​windows:​searchbox.jpg|search box}}...
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